Multi-story background

2005 - 07

High Wire



Multi-story started as a series of participatory creative workshops for asylum seekers, delivered from the community resourse on the 28th floor of the YMCA, Central Branch, Springburn, North Glasgow.

Springburn has a rich industrial past and the flats that make up the Red Road estate were the tallest in Europe at the time of thier construction in the mid 60's and seen a flagship of Glasgow City Council's social housing initiative.Today the area is on the brink of major redevelopment and the famous flats are scheduled for demolition.

About Street Level Photoworks

Street Level promotes the creative use of photomedia and aims to make artistic production accessible, both physically and intellectually, to a wide audience. Recognised for its integrated practice, the organisation presents an on-going series of challenging exhibitions; an education and outreach programme; open access facilities and training courses for artists and the public.

The exhibitions programme supports new artistic practices in photography and media art. This includes both emerging and established artists from local, national and international sources. It seeks out innovation at home and prioritises the production of new work made within Scotland, alongside distinctive work from further afield and normally one exhibition per year with an international connection.

The education programme involves a range of outreach work and in-house projects with community groups and agencies working across areas of social inclusion and lifelong learning, plus education services with the voluntary sector, schools, local authorities and other arts organisations. The programme seeks to enable the creativity of non-artists and to present their work in the public arena as a result of key projects.




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