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Carnival Group at the West End Parade June 08

A group of 6 seagulls, 4 butterflies and three 10ft towers appeared at the West End Festival Parade, one of Scotland's biggest street parties.  This years procession theme was 'nature'.  Multi-story worked with young people at Tron St.Mary's Church in Springburn to bring aspects of the Red Road environment to carnival life through foam, fabric and glitter. 

The 10 foot foam replicas of the endangered Red Road flats reflect the local landscape - they also aim to celebrate a dying breed of housing for the positive social vision they represented and the diverse communities they now house in Glasgow.

The towers also traveled to the New Scottish Parliament to greet MSPs at the Parlimentary launch of Scottish Refugee Week 2008. More documentation in the slideshow below.

Project Artists: iseult Timmermans, Rob Welsh


Carnival Group Slideshow