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Red Road Women's Photography Group

Between January to March 2009 two separate series of  photography workshops were delivered with women’s groups at Red Road Women’s Centre and Tron St.Mary’s Church by Iseult Timmermans.  The workshops introduced the women to a project theme of ‘Change’ and offered practical sessions enabling them to work with a variety of cameras taking photographs that interested them: of each other; their families; around the estate and various locations in Glasgow.


Included in the workshops was an on-going aspect of hand scanning, referencing palmistry and the iconic imagery of the hand across cultures.  The collected hand scans aim to depict palms that contribute to the cities life lines, holding untold stories and an unknown destination of fate.  The scans will be collaged into a pattern for material adornment and result in an artwork to be realised next year, details to be confirmed.

Project Arists: Iseult Timmermans